Foto’s / Photos / Videos

Hieronder wat leuke fotos en videos van wat ik af en toe meemaak.

In here some nice pictures and videos of what goes on in my hifi-life.

Visiting AN UK

Meeting PQ, Darko and finally after so many years Andy Grove

AudioNote AN-J-lx-hemp on my dac pre and mono poweramps

Phonar P9EdMa

Vincent Bélanger a very talented friend. Making crossovers for 10 sets Phonar P9 EdMa——————————————————————-

If i say so myself i did a marvelous job on these speakers.

Fun with the Audio Note guys.


Made a little sketch of a new TMA loudspeaker. Nothing final just a brainwave. ( looks a bit like a coffin hahahaha )

Mario Binner and Vincent Bélanger of Audio Note uk and my good friend Erik.

Ken Ishiwata; very nice personality. ( rest in piece dear Ken )

My dear friend Peter Qvortrup ( Audio Note UK ) and me. (i know Peter for more than 30 years)